Rockman.EXE Online Channel Help
For those of you interested in a more real-time way to communicate with members of the board, we've set up a chatroom on IRC. In order to access IRC, you'll need a client. I recommend SysReset because of its various features, but you can use the basic mIRC if you wish.

Channel: #RockmanEXEOnline

Use the following command to join that server and the channel automatically:

/server -j #RockmanEXEOnline

On IRC, you can register your nicknames. This will prevent other people from using them. If you find that you are unable to change into a desired nickname, or if you are automatically changed into a different nickname, then the nick you are attempting to use is probably registered. Use the following command to register a nickname (you must type this command while you are currently in the nick you wish to register):

/msg nickserv register PASS EMAIL

Replace PASS with your desired password and EMAIL with a valid E-mail address. They only use E-mail to confirm the registration with an authentification code. One you have registered a nick to yourself, you will have to identify to the server, to let it know you own the nick. Whenever you change into your registered nick, type the following to identify to NickServ:

/msg nickserv identify PASS

Replace PASS with your password, of course. SysReset has a nickserv manager that can be set up to automatically identify for you, when you change into your registered nick. If you don't set this up, or do not wish to use SysReset, you'll have to type it in manually each time you change into your registered nick.

If you wish to join the chan but you can't install an IRC client, try going to and use CGI:IRC. It's quite stable, unlike MyJava, and it has the look of mIRC. Besides, you can stay in more than one channel, unlike MyJava. Unfortunately, you won't be able to do stuff like !list and !rules, and you can't access other servers with it, but if you just want to chat, it'll do perfectly fine.