#RockmanEXEOnline @ ZiRC - Commands Assistance

Typical Channel and IRC Commands
These commands will generally work in any channel you visit and are not unique to #RockmanEXEOnline or BubblemanEXE. Do not actually use the [ or ] characters in the commands.
/server [server] This will connect you to the server specified. #RockmanEXEOnline is on irc.ZiRC.org so you would need to type "/server irc.zirc.org"
/server -m [server] This is the same as the above command, but it will open the server in a new window. This is used when you are already connected to one IRC server, because without the "-m" you will disconnect from the original server in favor of the new one.
/join #channel This will cause you to enter the channel specified.
/hop The will cause you to exit and then immediately re-enter the channel.
/me [action here] This will cause IRC to drop the brackets around your nickname, putting your nick into the sentence as the first word. This is generally used for actions. For example, if my nick were "Rockman" and I typed "/me runs around" it would come up as " * Rockman runs around "
/nick [new nick here] This commands allows you to change your current nickname. Replace [new nick here] with the new nickmane you desire. On IRC, nicks may not contain spaces.
/quit [reason] This will cause you to disconnect from the current IRC server and display a reason in your quit message if you give one.
!list This command will display other users' file server ads in notices to you. Only you see these notices. Remember not to type !list immediately upon entering the channel as we discourage entering the channel simply to leech files.

BubblemanEXE Commands
These commands are built into the channel "bot", BubblemanEXE. They will only work in #RockmanEXEOnline and only if BubblemanEXE in also in the channel.
!rules This is the most important command for a new user. This displays the channel rules to you in notices that only you will see. Please read the rules if you have not done so.
!ping Bubbleman will ping you and tell you the results in the channel. This number indicates the amount of lag you have.
!quote Displays a random quote from a collection of humorous moments in the channel. Users must wait one minute between quotes.
!findquote [search words] This allows you to search the quotes for a specific word or words. Bubbleman will display the first matching result he finds.
!totalquotes Bubbleman will tell you how many quotes he contains.
!google [search words] Too lazy to open up www.google.com? Don't worry, using this trigger will have Bubbleman look for you. He will display the first Google match to the channel.
!roll [number of dice] [number of sides] Bubbleman will roll a number of dice you specify with the number of sides specified. Thus, the command "!roll 2 6" will roll 2 6-sided dice.
!seen [nick] Bubbleman will tell you the last time he saw the user with the nick you specify.
!flip Bubbleman will flip a coin and tell you if it landed 'heads' or 'tails'.
!calc [what to calculate] Bubbleman will do a bit of math for you, but only mirc terms are allowed. For example, if you wan him to calculate 2 x 3 you must type "!calc 2*3". Bubbleman does not know order of operations, however.
!CtoF [number] Bubbleman converts temperature for you! This command will convert a Celcius temperature into Fahrenheit.
!FtoC [number] This command will convert Fahrenheit into Celcius.
!time A somewhat pointless command, because if you're ona computer, you should have a clock right there.

Trivia Commands
Trivia commands are only used in the trivia sister channel, #REOtrivia
!trivia By default this will begin a round of 10 questions. Bubbleman always waits one minute between questions so that the flow of discussion is not interupted. You can use a number after !trivia to specify a longer or shorter round.
!strivia This command will stop the trivia.
!hint When used during a question, Bubbleman sends you a notice which contains a hint to the answer of the currect question. Normally you gain 5 points for a correct answer, but only gain 2 points if you used a !hint.
!ping Bubbleman will ping you and tell you the results in the channel. This number indicates the amount of lag you have.
!HOF Trivia Hall of Fame. Bubbleman will send you a notice which displays the top 10 scores.
!HOFfast This displays the top 10 fastest answer times.
!HOFwpm This displays the top 10 words per minute scores.
!HOFstreak This displays the top 10 streak scores. A streak is the number of questions answered in a row.