Rockman.EXE Online Channel Rules

1. The Rockman EXE Online IRC channel is meant to be used as a chatroom, not a place to download files. If you enter this channel and immediately type !list, you will be banned automatically.

2. 2. No SPAMMING. This includes but is not limited to: Posting unwanted links or channels without prior authorization. - Flooding - Random gibberish - Flaming other users

3. When and if you do wish to view FSERVs (File Servers), you may use !list to view them, but DO NOT use @find

4. If you want to serve files, use silent ads and CTCP triggers.

5. Do not impersonate channel Operators or Forum Moderators/Administration.

6. NO spoiler material concerning new or soon-to-be released games/episodes. Warn people if you plan to discuss spoilers to older games/episodes. Head to #REOspoilers to discuss spoilers.

7. WARNING! Some topics may contain mature themes. Please keep graphic discussion to a minimum.

8. Do not distribute Rockman.EXE (original) or Axess RAWs or discuss ANY warez (such as ROM images) in the channel.

9. Be reasonable with your WBs (welcome back scripts) and mp3/WinAmp display ads.

10. DO NOT abuse the channel's bot, BubblemanEXE. Ever. Or else.